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Gaming History: Wii U Gaming History: Wii U

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Just to inform...Nintendo right now is the ONLY company in gaming that has released a new console..that SURPRISE!!! is completely backwards compatible all the way to the NES with downloads for every systems games up to the gamecube. basically stopping at the N64. able to plug in your gamecube controllers and now you are able to play games and change channels? fuck..hey lets give you a system that u dont have to keep you tv on A/V all day and a movie and catch up on the boss battle during the boring parts. It has its own perks. just cuz u dont have a shit ton of mindless shooting games doesnt make it a shitty system. better graphics isnt always a TECHNOLOGICAL breakthrough.

Samination responds:

And dont forget that spoon!

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Next Level II Next Level II

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I would say...lower the kicks a little and boost the bass slightly..maybe even overlap the bassline witht he kicks. all in all its an awesome beat..just offering helpful advice.

[Speed Rap]- Fastest Rap [Speed Rap]- Fastest Rap

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hmmmm rap is about syllable play and count along with a beat. say it as fast as u want but without flow you are just reading fast or repeating a paragraph of poetry but not rap,

JonH2O responds:

JMac87 has me covered.

CKC - Xample CKC - Xample

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I want this beat!!!

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CKC2009 responds:

download it and destroy that ish :D